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Ever wonder why there are seeds in your cannabis buds? Most of you already know why but there are several beginners out there that don’t know why. In this article, I’ll explain why there are seeds in your cannabis buds. There are two possible scenarios on why there are seeds in your cannabis buds. The first one is that the plant was a hermaphrodite plant. Hermaphrodite cannabis plants (often referred to as hermies) have both male and female characteristics. This means they form both flowers (buds) as well as seeds. A cannabis plant can become a hermie naturally (through genetics) or it can self-pollinate. The self-pollination process can happen due to several reasons but the most common are due to environmental stress or over-ripening. The second scenario is if a female plant was pollinated by a male plant. This is a more common occurrence than the first scenario.

Are cannabis buds with seeds still good to smoke? Absolutely! Some of the best smoke I’ve ever had was from a hermie plant. There is a myth that hermie plants are less potent than non-hermie plants. This is false. The trichomes, which are resin glands on the plant, hold the active ingredients that get you high and trichome production is not impacted from the plant being pollinated or not. The buds are smokeable and you technically don’t even need to pick the seeds out before smoking. No harm will come to you from grinding them up and smoking them. You’ve probably smoked many cannabis buds with seeds in them before without even realizing it.

Can you germinate and grow seeds found in buds? Yes! You can absolutely plant those seeds and if the seed is good, it will germinate. However, seeds that came from a hermaphrodite cannabis plant will have similar characteristics to the plant it came from. That means, the likeliness of that plant also becoming a hermie is very high. I personally don’t grow seeds from hermie plants; I simply don’t want to risk it. Seeds from a hermaphrodite plant will have a way higher failure to germinate rate than seeds purchased from a seed bank. What are the best seed banks? Here are the top 3 seed banks:

  1. MSNL Seed Bank
  2. ILGM Seed Bank
  3. Seedsman Seed Bank

    Seed banks have trusted genetics. Some seed banks also guarantee germination. There are even a few seed banks that offer free shipping. Buying from a seed bank can certainly save you a future headache of growing a plant to later realize mid-way through the growing process that it’s actually a hermie plant. Have you grown hermie seeds before? Let me know by leaving a comment below!