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Strain: Chill Out OG (Brisker OG x Pakistan Valley)
Breeder: Mr. Grow It
Indica/Sativa/Hybrid: Indica-dominant hybrid
Flowering Time: 56-62 days


I decided to cross Brisker OG (by Square One Genetics) with Pakistan Valley (by World of Seeds) in order to create a powerful indica-dominant hybrid that has a strong narcotic effect. This strain should absolutely hit you hard with a heavy body sensation and allow you to relax without worry. It will most likely be an excellent choice to consume prior to bed as well.

This is an interesting cross! The mother, Pakistan Valley, is a short, stout plant – 100% pure indica. The father, Brisker OG, is a fast-growing lengthy strain – like a typical OG.

Brisker OG

     Brisker OG is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between the clone-only Tahoe OG and Peanut Butter Breath. It’s a vigorous, stretchy strain with medium-sized leaves. This strain also has mixed colors towards the end of flowering – favoring purple. Consistently dense bud structure all the way down the plant.

  • Flowering time: 63-70 days
  • Taste: Earthy/lemon
  • Smell: Lemon/pine
  • Effects: Relaxed, euphoric, hungry
  • Trichome development: 9/10
  • THC: Unknown

Brisker OG on Seedfinder

Pakistan Valley

     Pakistan Valley is a pure indica landrace strain from the Hindu Kush mountain range. It stays squat and is bushy with large fan leaves. It has mixed colors towards the end of flowering – favoring purple. Big bud structure with excellent stacking.

  • Flowering time: 45-55 days
  • Taste: Fruitysweet
  • Smell: Fruitysweet
  • Effects: Very narcotic – Relaxed, sleepy, hungry, happy, tingly
  • Trichome development: 8/10
  • THC: 21.2%

Pakistan Valley on Seedfinder
Pakistan Valley on Leafly

My Ideal Keeper Pheno

     June 4, 2019: Factoring in all of the above, I would love to find a pheno that grows vigorously, but doesn’t stretch as much as the OG side does. I’d look for stacking like the Pakistan Valley with bud structure like the Brisker OG. I personally suffer from chronic pain so I’m hoping this strain does provide pain relief as needed. Genetic traits suggest it may also help with insomnia, stress, depression, and lack of appetite.

  • Flowering time: 56-62 days
  • Taste: Fruity/citrus
  • Smell: Fruity/Lemon/pine
  • Effects: Relaxed, euphoric, hungry, sleepy

F1, F2 & F3 Generations

Apr. 28, 2023: I spent years inbreeding this cross down to F3 generation. Each generation was tested vigorously by myself and a team of testers. This cross completely blew away our expectations! We encountered a variety of different phenotypes in the F1 and F2 generations (as expected); Some of the phenos stayed short with tight internodes while others grew long and stretchy. All had dense buds and were very frosty! I wanted a more consistent, shorter structure so I selected shorter phenos with excellent branching as I worked my way down generations.

The F3 generation resulted in most of the phenos staying more squat with tighter internodes. All pheons had dense buds and heavy trichome production. This cultivar is excellent for those growing in small spaces. It has a strong, earthy smell and taste with a hint of citrus, although, some have reported it to be more fruity and sweet. The effects were pretty much what we expected; Euphoric, relaxed, hungry, and sleepy. Are you ready to Chill Out? 🙂