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    We are in Las Vegas NV.

    After his indescribably horiffic cancer battle, his medical need is waaaay too expensive to keep buying from the dispensary.

    Though he is almost officially in remission, cannabis is the only thing that takes away the pain that he has been left with after all the surgeries & treatments — both the physical and mental pain.

    Cannabis flower for him is the perfect painkiller and antidepressant in one, and it is the ONLY thing that works for him.

    He does not want to take the shitty morphine or hydrocodone offered to him for free by his doctors & medical insurance. I am glad he has no interest in opiates. They make him feel like a zombie, cause depression and constipation too. It is sad that because of the political/ legal BS we have to pay for his medicine 100% out of pocket with 0 help from insurance.

    But anyway.

    I saw you on YouTube and found my way to this forum. I have been watching tons of growing videos. I liked your interview with Welcome to the Grow Tent. I am looking to start with Photo Period Reg seeds. Can you help us by recommending some affordable seeds with good genetics? I think I’d rather start with Regs that will either grow to be male or female rather than possibly turn herm.

    I have been in seed website purgatory for a few days trying to find something we can afford but that also fits our beginner needs. We are pretty poor atm due to all his cancer bills & all the out of pocket MMJ that we have to constantly buy for him from di$pensarie$. We are glad that dispensaries exist now but, enough is enough… we KNOW if we grow our own, we will be a lot better off.

    Please lmk if you have any recommendations for affordable good seeds we can start with, thank you so much. Want to get started ASAP and hope to have a first harvest before it gets too hot. Maybe wishful thinking… but summer in LV isn’t that far away and I don’t want to wait another 7 months to get started! Help!

    Subbed to your YT channel of course.


    Also if anyone has any used starter grow equipment for sale please message me.

    I am wondering if LED grow lights would work OK and possibly produce less heat esp. when summer hits?

    We just want to do a small grow, maybe 3 mature plants to begin with, so small grow tent would be OK for us,
    if anyone has any recommendations how to acquire one for inexpensive startup cost. Thank you so much for reading.


    I’m so sorry for your circumstances. Chris can probably offer you the most help on all these subjects. Unfortunatly, good seeds generally aren’t cheap and cheap ones aren’t good. As far as equipment, check the links for his videos, he has several discounts for most essential products. Of all the lights, I would say go with a spider farmer light for quality and performance. A/C infinity fans are worth the money. I can understand your financial situation and would suggest weighing the 1 time expense of quality products vs inferior products you may need to replace. I personally like brown bag seeds. I have been eyeballing robinhood seeds genetics recently also. I wish you the best on your journey. If I can provide any more assistance please feel free to reach out. I’m sure Chris will pop in some time soon.


    I agree with cam, on quality. I started growing to offset my little sisters rso oil and medical dispensers costs with her going through chemo. I understand the hardship and I feel your pain. I started with a lower end barrina 2000 but just bought the spider farmer bar style light. Massive difference. I started with ilgm seeds but been trying new ppl they recommend and playing with autos.


    Hi jd187, oh no! I am sorry to hear about your little sister.
    I hope the medicine you grew did help her and did offset some of the expense.

    Yeah I sometimes wonder if any groups like NORML might be trying to lobby or advocate
    to get the insurance companies to cover medical marijuana for cancer patients.
    I know part of why it couldn’t be covered previously was due to it being classified
    as a Schedule 1 drug for so long, but now that the legal classification might be changing,
    I haven’t seen any movement toward MMJ being covered by insurance like other medicines.
    Which puts those of us coping with cancer or cancer survivorship in a tough spot.
    I also haven’t seen any compassionate care dispensaries willing to help cancer patients
    in our city. I’ve reached out to pretty much all of the dispensaries here.

    There was one RSO discount program that we found but it was
    based on the stage of cancer he was in, it felt kind of intrusive
    and they did not even offer that much of a discount.
    It also felt like they were viewing him
    with dollar signs in their eyeballs,
    not really caring about his situation.
    Also, although he will take RSO as a bridge for days when he runs out of flower,
    it’s not his preferred medicine.
    For whatever reason, smoking flower is what works best for him
    (which is of course, also the costliest.)

    I did find out about a couple of dispensaries in California
    that deliver free MMJ to cancer patients & survivors,
    but nothing like that exists
    in our city. (Might be a good idea for a nonprofit in Vegas
    if anyone has the energy to start one here.)

    Thanks for the advice on the Spider Farmer bar style light.
    I will probably try that. And yeah I’m not going to cheap out on seeds.
    It probably is worth the investment to get high quality seeds.

    Would like to have at least one successful grow under my belt before trying autos. 😉



    Specifically which Spider Farmer bar light would be best for a 2×4 small tent in desert heat months?


    Thank you!


    I’m late to the party here. Seems like all your questions got answered but let us know if you have anymore. Also I wanted to mention the list of best LED grow lights for a 2×4 coverage area since you asked. See a list of my picks here:

    Best LED Grow Lights 2022 | 2×4 Coverage Area

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