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    Okay I’m at the point where the trichomes are cloudy I cannot see any amber trichomes as of yet. What I do is snip a small portion of a bud the phone is completely stationary WITH THE HYDRO HAPPY LENS ATTACHED TO THE PHONE AS YOU SHOWED US so it is an accurate assessment. This is my second plant I’ve ever grown in my life.

    3 par 38 with three setting lights hanging off of a curtain rod Miracle-Gro soil adjusting the height with milk crates lots of love topped and lollipopped.

    I must have got a great strain because the plant looks wonderful and I don’t know that much about this but my humidity right now I have a humidifier in the room it’s about 55-57% I’m trying to keep the temperature down I’m still keeping the lights on 12 hours lights off 12 hours I’m ready to cut I’m going to hang them in there at the 60° humidity in the dark on hangers little air circulation not directly on the buds I have an exhaust fan this is all being done without a tent but in a room that’s 12 ft by 12 ft with 9 ft ceilings. I’m from Newark New Jersey I’m 58 years old I did hard time in prison for bank robbery but I definitely want your advice. Mr grow it as far as I’m concerned is absolutely the best and I liked your last or recent turnaround on the 48 hours of darkness I’m thinking should I do 48 hours of light as you scientifically made a very solid argument with Dr Bugby so I just want to follow what you tell me to do letter for letter.

    Thank you 😎

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)