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    Hello, Has Chris ever done any videos with or for worm castings? I have been working with John Smith Jr. at “Super Worm Castings” in Va. The castings he sends me are nothing short of black gold. Really top notch quality. He has been growing outdoors for over 10+ years. So he knows what he is both doing and selling. He has been a great coach for me. Like Chris he just hands out his knowledge for free. Is there any way to pass Johns name and info onto Chris? He just has allot of experience. I really do not want to sound negative. But I would rather listen to someone with 10+ years growing under their belt. With their own worm casting business. That a person with a whole 2 1/2 years growing experience. Or is that just me? I hope I don’t sound mean. I just know I love these castings and would love to see Chris work with “Super Worm Castings”.


    I don’t think it’s a problem to request someone to hear be interviewed on the podcast, but there are a lot of newer growers that are interviewed. It’s ok she has 2 1/2 years experience. The point, I think, is to get as many different opinions and experiences as possible. A ton of people use worm castings and have great success.  There is room for everyone’s voice. I guess what I’m saying is it’s fine to request someone, but you don’t have to put someone’s experience down because it’s not 10 years of experience. She has great success and it was an enjoyable listen. Show love to all the growers in our community.


    Thanks for the guest suggestion! I’ll add them to the list of potential guests.


    I apologize, feel free to remove post.


    Sometime it’s an expert in the field, other times it’s someone who just started. Most of the time it’s the “normal” guests that make people feel like they can do it too.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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