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    Hey, I’m new to growing, Have had a pretty hard time getting my seed germination % where I would like it to be. I’ve done the paper towel, I’ve done the shot glass, I’ve done both over a heating mat, both just in a closet, I’m a shoe box. I’ve tried most of what I thought was the basics. Are there a specific factors or does anyone have any specific do’s or don’t do’s to get more seeds to pop? Thanks!


    In a shoe box ***


    Heating mats can be useful but can potentially cause the seeds to rot off if it’s too hot. Best to know what the actual soil temperature if you use one.

    I haven’t grown a lot of pot but I start tens of thousands of seeds for my farm each year in cell trays. I think I have a good feel for what cannabis seeds need.

    Many ways to go about it but here’s a good one I think. Bury your seeds no more than 1/2” in your soil (make sure it’s not super hot soil), wet the medium but don’t water log it. Put some plastic wrap over your pots unless you’re ambient humidity is 70% or more. Then put them on the top of your fridge. That damn near guarantees you an optimal enough soil temperature for germination unless your kitchen is under 65 degrees or so.

    If that doesn’t get you above 90% germination, very likely you have seeds with viability issues.



    I dont know how you germinate in paper towels, but here is how I pop every seed I ever grow. I wet a paper towel and then squeeze out about 80% of the water. Place seeds in that and then fold it over several times so the seed is layers deep. Place that folded paper towel in a sandwich bag and seal it. Place it somewhere room temperature and check it after 2 days. I usually have about 90% success. I only run into issues when the seeds are not viable.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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