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    It’s good to have you here! Feel free to post a grow journal or ask questions on growing cannabis.

    Grow Community Forum Rules:

    • Be respectful. Bullying and harassment will not be tolerated.
    • No Spam!
    • No selling items
    • DO NOT post links to websites where you can buy cannabis, cannabis seeds, or any illegal substances.
    • We do not condone breaking the law. If it is illegal to grow cannabis where you live, we will not be able to give you advice on how to grow it.
    • DO NOT ask for legal advice. We are not lawyers so we cannot give any type of legal advice on this forum. To learn about laws in your area, visit NORML website.
    • If you’re going to include pictures in your post, take the pictures in normal white lighting. If you post a picture in purple lighting (old LED grow lights) or yellow lighting (HPS grow lights), you will most likely be asked to post a new picture in normal lighting so we can see the true color of the leaves.


    When asking for help or starting a journal, consider putting as much of the following information as possible in your thread:

    • What strain is it?
    • Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
    • If in Veg, for how long?
    • If in Flower stage, For how long?
    • Indoor or outdoor?
    • Soil, Soilless or Hydro?
    • If soil/soilless, what is in your mix?
    • If soil/soilless, what size pot?
    • Size of grow space (LxWxH)?
    • Make and model of grow light?
    • Light distance from the top of the plants?
    • Temperature in the environment?
    • Humidity in the environment?
    • PH of medium or reservoir?
    • EC/PPM of medium or reservoir?
    • Any Pests?
    • How often are you watering?
    • Type and strength of nutrients used?


    Knowing this information will make it much easier to properly diagnose problems and keep the members interested in your grow.

    Have Fun!

    Strawberry Cough Strawberry Cough

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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