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    I’m in my first grow, and have 2 plants (Hulkberry (sat) and Blueberry Cheese (ind)) in 3 gallon pots. I’m currently in week 2 of flowering stage. My sativa cola has grown so high that it’s only 8 inches from the light (the light is at its highest point). In your book you say you don’t recommend topping an autoflower plant (both are autoflower). But in the week 1-3 of flowering stage section, it says that if the plant grows too high it should be topped or have LST. I neither have room for LST nor do I think it will work – the cola is so tall there isn’t enough horizontal space to hold it. Also, I’m afraid the stalk will snap/kink if I try to bend it that far. You say that topping an autoflower will delay its growth and result in a lower yield. But having it so¬† close to the light will probably result in light/heat burn.

    So my question is, which is the safer option – topping or dealing with light burn?

    Let me know if you need pics.


    Pete H. (Minneapolis)


    Additional info (just read the “read me first” post):

    I purchased the AC Infinity 2x2x6 kit

    Growing in soil (Fox Farm Ocean Breeze), in 3 gallon pots

    Temp: 75 – 85

    Humidity: 40-55% (running at approx 50%)

    Light distance: 2 ft (canopy), 8 inches (tallest cola), intensity 100%

    Nutrients: Blue Planet

    Ph: 6.1 (both)

    Having trouble with my PPM meter and got replacement. Haven’t tried it yet (old one was giving readings above 3k).

    Note that the light distance at this stage is supposed to be 1.5 feet but I had to raise it so as not to damage the main cola.



    A picture would be helpful. I have lst’d my tops well into week 5 before. I personally believe that a clean topping can sometimes be less stress to the plant. It is easier to heal a small wound than reorient an entire branch. If you are able I would consider attaching a string to the main stem and the cola and trying to pull it to the side at a 45 degree angle. That should give you a small amount of room. Again, a picture would help me understand better. Also, you still have 1-2 weeks of stretch most likely.






    I suggest you tie a string near the top and tie the other side to the tent pole and pull it over as far as it will go. It won’t be flat but, I believe you could reduce its height by about half. Might need to put the fan on the other pole.


    You bring up a dilemma that isn’t well clarified in the book. Like @CamZ , I also would use a string to pull the branch over to the side as much as possible. If it was in late veg I’d top the plant (even if it’s an autoflower) in order to help control the height. Yes it would harm the plant by slowing down the growth and could result in less yield, but it would prevent this issue. Other growers may go a different path. Has the plant stopped stretching now?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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