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    There is a product available in the paint department {Nitrogen gas?} that Painters use to prevent hardening IN THE CAN….Before closing the lid you blast inside the can with this stuff to DRIVE AIR OUT. Jus wondering if there might be a use for this product when BURPING to drive moisture out, ……..Or to prevent mold, …..Or …….It seems like a big time saver when it comes to burping .. ?????????


    I like where your head is. That’s an interesting thought. As far as burping, that’s not really a great idea because you want the breakdown of chlorophyll to occur. When you are burping, you release gasses produced during this process.

    An example where this would be useful is for long term storage. Say you get a perfect cure. You could fill your jars with nitrogen to prevent further oxidation of canabanoids and essentially lock them in at the perfect ripeness. To do this properly you’d have to pull a vaccum first and then fill with pure nitrogen. Seems like a tremendous amount of work, but doable.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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