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    Hi all. Got these under 2 vivosun 200 watt. I had them orig at 50% dim, last week turned it for 75% for a few days then 100% for a few days. New grow, so i was figuring out the watering also. Got it down now, every  3rd or 4th day. I thinking this is minor early light burn and slight under watering because in addition to some minor defects on leaves, there is some minor curling also, which is more pronounced on the plant in the middle/hot zone.    Does that sound/look right?  Only been feeding fox farm liquid half dose (5 ml in 1 gal split between 5,    5 gal mesh pots. And then just tap water otherwise. Tap water Params are ph 6.5, low hardness. Also 2 weeks ago i  top dressed an inch or so of worm castings.

    Light burn?


    I moved your post because it was posted in someone else’s thread.

    Your plants look healthy. Some very minor tip burn can happen for a few different reasons. The leaf edges curling up is slightly more concerning to me. Is your grow space temperature ok? Your plants look like they might be experiencing a touch of heat stress, but it could also just be new growth. Sometimes new growth on young plants can do weird stuff.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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