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    if this is iron, what is the solution? If its not iron, where should I look for information. 


    I enjoy the podcast very much


    Can you give us some more information?:

    What strain is it?
    How long has it been in Veg?
    Indoor or outdoor?
    Soil or coco?
    What is in your mix?
    What size pot?
    Size of grow space (LxWxH)?
    Make and model of grow light?
    Light distance from the top of the plants?
    Temperature in the environment?
    Humidity in the environment?
    PH of medium?
    EC/PPM of medium?
    Any Pests?
    How often are you watering?
    Type and strength of nutrients used?

    Here is some more info on iron deficiency:


    Ethos s1 ender 5

    I can’t awnser all the questions but the article was very helpful


    I herd a discussion about Iron on one of the podcasts yesterday so I looked here


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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