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    currently in week 6 day 3 of veg hoping to flip to flower in a few days but i have noticed my ph is high (7.1) and i cant seem to get it down with what im feeding listed below

    intake readings – 600ppms – 5.5ph
    run off readings – 300ppms – 7.0-7.1ph
    PH rising by 1.6 – so if i adjust to 3.9ph with 600ppms after a few feeds will it fix or is that not recommended to feed with that low of a PH to me it seems like it makes sense but im not 100% sure as im a new grower so any advice will be highly appreciated honestly! as i want to make sure my girl is happy as can be for flower flip 🙂

    i have been considering a salt build up but i don’t think that could be the case as i have always been testing my ppms/ec of solution, And it has always been ideal if not low watering with 25% run off everyday 3L water allowing the coco to slightly dry out but not completely and i slowly adjusted the ppm hardness to not shock (overfeed) but still could be salt buildup as i said im new grower so im not a clue really learning everyday 🙂
    should i consider just giving water ph 3.9 until ph fixes then maybe my ppm run off reading will be more accurate
    (YES) My TDS/PH Pen are calibrated and if not brand new so im confident readings are accurate

    nutrient line – (shogun samurai coco fertilisers)


    Over time, you’ll get funky runoff readings when growing in coco coir. Many growers ignore runoff pH and only measure the nutrient solution going in. Here’s a quick video with me and Dr. MJ Coco where he talks all about pH in coco. He mentions the issues with measuring runoff pH in coco, plus more good info: 


    HEYYYY thankyou for replying to my thread MrGrowit, i believe i have watched the video linked but ill be sure to give it another watch and take note!

    This is my first ever grow so i am learning as i go… just flipped her to flower heres where the fun starts 🙂 WISH ME LUCK <3

    From today onwards i will no longer worry about my ph run off and rather focus on ppms, aslong as my input feed is correct i should be good… from what ive studied

    ps : your youtube content is amazing and i have learned so much from all your videos so i just want to thankyou for your time to make them as it made my horticulture journey allot easier and faster to learn, BIG RESPECT!



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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