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    Right on! Glad you got it figured out. I wouldn’t stress too much about that small amount of damage. Best thing to do is work on preventing further damage. Happy growing!


    well, the girls wanted to be boys too, all four of them. I blame it on their childhood, lol. hopefully, this next run will be better


    Damn that’s terrible. Sorry to hear that. What were the genetics?


    not sure what they were some bag seeds, I am pretty sure it was a result of high stress at their beginnings. they were stunted growers because of cold and low humidity.


    the only damage I can think of is maybe too much wind stress, the plant in right next to a fan. the other plants look good some leaf damage but not much. all these plants had a rough start and had  stunted grow. I didn’t have a heat mat so the seedlings were cold and didn’t grow well until I transplanted. the damaged bud is on the lower growth its hard to tell because the plant was mainlined. hope the additional information helps and I added more pictures of the grow and other plants. the blumat system was installed 2 days ago after the damage was discovered. 


    I called AC Infinity when using my fans and they say they are rated to run max 18 hour intervals and require a 6 hour rest for the best mix of use and life span.  I have all of mine on that schedule as a result.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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