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    Royal Gorilla

    Royal Gorilla sideMy 1st auto, this is Royal Gorilla from Royal Queen seeds. I planted on Christmas Day 2023. Today makes 21 days. Im using Happy Frog & Fox Farm Ocean Forest mixture added perlite & had some seed starter on the top. This was a 3 pack from Royal Queen the other 2 didn’t germinate. They were in those seed starter cups. I also had 3 triple g from Royal Queen all 3 looked good in the water and the paper towel but they all died lol. My (6) experiments is saying plant them straight into the pot.

    Watermelon planted 1/5/24I have 1 watermelon that has survived thats another 1 out of 3 lol. So batting 2 for 9. Lastly I have 2 (out of 3) Hulk Berry coming out of the soil now so getting better .

    2 Hulk Berry Planted 1/12/24That’s 4 out 12 if you’re keeping track. Anyway back to Gorilla , I’m excited but there’s a few deficiencies some yellowing , some bleaching, & a brown tip. I figured I overwatered and put the lights too close. I also experimented with a sprinkle of blood meal in the water to boost nitrogen. Also I put some recharge around the roots zone and I mixed a sprinkle in the water. I gave the 1st feeding last week of some plant food I got from vivo sun mixed the A & B in a gallon of water. Then gave it some more about 2 days ago. Gonna let it dry out before I water again. That’s about it I got the vivo sun 2×4 tent with 2 vivo sun 100 lights. I have a 3rd light not set up yet but I’m thinking about sending it back for 200 or 300 light. I got everything VIVOSUN for now , got the carbon filter, exhaust, 2 fans and the bag that the Gorilla is in is a 5 gallon the other 3 (1 Watermelon, 2 Hulk berry) are in 3 gallon vivo bags. I’m looking at Spider farmer for my next set up they have a tent that’s slightly larger than 2×4 for $125 I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts & you tubes. I keep hearing people talk about veg tent & flower tent so I’m thinking about having at least 3 tents but for now I’m working with this VIVOSUN & these Royal Queen seeds. Where I live it gets extremely humid during the summer so I’m trying get in 2 full auto cycles this being my 1st and the 2nd starting around March/April then taking break for the summer. Actually Royal Queen gave me about 6 free photo fem seeds so I’m gonna put those outdoors around march & see how they do out here in the swampy forest. Anyway you’re probably my favorite podcaster on this topic so I joined your forum. I got your book too (haven’t listened yet). Your podcast information (& from the stash) has been helpful in getting started of course I’m gonna make my own my mistakes and silly experiments but thanks.

    oh I’m thinking about cutting some of the lower leaves off. I hear mixed opinions; <span style=”-webkit-tap-highlight-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);”> </span>some say you can do it before pre flowering begins, do it slow & do it on feeding days. This is the beginning of week 4 for me some I’m thinking I have a week or two to do it. What do you think?


    <p style=”text-align: center;”>I grow primarily Autos, in my opinion I would clip or tuck from the top to expose potential bud sites but don’t go to crazy. And Yes I do this on a feeding day so she can bounce back easier/quicker. It may be just bro-science but it makes sense in my mind. Your girls look great though!</p>

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