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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hey, I’m just trying to get a good opinion from an expert i trust, so i did something stupid and got carried away with IPM, it’s my first grow so i don’t have proper experience to make some of the decisions i have made. I put diatomaceous earth on my autos in flower, thinking it would just wash off in the rain like it eventually did in veg, but there’s a permanent powdery residue that i can’t spray off, and it’s probably on the buds that are growing too. Will this wash off once i trim it and wash it after harvest, or did i ruin the first 3rd of my grow for the season.. i planted 3 autos and 3 photos so that i could have something a little quicker before the end of the season and i just hope it isn’t ruined, thank you for your time</p>


    Ouch! Hard to tell you for sure but bud washing after harvest may help :/


    Alright i’ll try that and maybe separate the clean buds from the more hazy ones, bummer if it doesn’t wash off, because other than my stupid mistake they’re looking pretty good for a first time grow🤣 but hey at least it’s only the autos and i have a whole season still to get the rest right


    Be really careful. DE is like microscopic glass. Doubt it could make its way into your lungs through smoking, but I’m just guessing.


    Lol definitely makes sense I’m gonna be careful with it and see if it washes off after i harvest it, if it has any cloudy residue left on it after a wash I’m gonna separate it, hopefully though, lemon juice and baking soda gets deep enough to break up the residue.. I’ll see how it all dries up

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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