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    Culling Males that are very healthy plants sucks (sometimes). Out of my 10 seeds, 9 germinated. I broke a tap root (my bad, doesn’t happen often) while putting the germinated seeds into Root Riot plugs, so I was down to 8 survivors now. After 2 weeks in the plugs and 2 weeks in Solo cups, I transplanted into 5gal nursery pots and had a great 4 week Veg and first week of Flower. After a week of Flower, I see 3 Females and 5 Males. Out of the 3 remaining Female plants, 1 has been much faster growing since the get go (I incorrectly figured it was a male). It was also the only 1 of the 8 that had leaf curl (like a heat stress thing) but none of the other plants did this. I figure it may be a root zone issue. Of the 3 Females I will re-veg the the best of the other 2. One is very squaty, the other looks like the best Mom candidate, so I will flower out the small one and Mrs leaf curl. All are otherwise very healthy. Wish me luck. Can’t wait to clone this one.

    5 Gal nursery pots, Fluence LEDs, Promix HP, Heavy 16, Hand water/feed with RO, I do my best to monitor Temp, Humidity, Leaf temps, Water temps, VPD, Airflow, PH, PPM, PPFD… All the fun stuff!


    Kudos to the work you are putting in. Sounds like you did a tremendous amount of work.


    Good luck!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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