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    Does anyone have suggestions for using Blumats and The Stash Blend?

    Do you just put a days worth of The Stash Blend in the reservoir?

    I was considering hand watering in veg with The Stash Blend. then going to just water in bloom. ( I top dress with dry amendments ). However, I would like to use the Stash Blend in bloom as well.

    I would appreciate any suggestions or comments.





    I personally don’t use Stash Blend in a reservoir; I water it in once every 1-2 weeks @ 1/2 tbsp per gallon of water. Some growers have been using Stash Blend in their DWC setup with success at 1/4 dose. With that though, the water is moving at all times; I worry if it’s in a reservoir without a mixer then some of it may settle at the bottom? Not sure, but the Formulation Chemist who helped create Stash Blend recommended using it within 24 hours after mixing in water. I wish I had a better answer for you.


    My concern is over watering if I start using Blumat carrots.

    I could turn off the flow to the Blumats for a day or so, and then hand water with the Stash Blend. Then I could turn on the blumat flow, but it shouldn’t over drip. So I could turn it back on right after the hand watering.

    Do you have any comments on that idea?

    Do you use The Stash Blend on your plants that are using Blumats? I thought you said that you use them. I would love to see a Blumat video that discuses the Stash Blend.






    A potential solution might be to burry the stash blend under the blumat dripper. Only issue with that is it doesn’t spread well. Another solution would be to just sprinkle it on dry and then cover the top of your pot with cardboard directly on the soil and let mycelium and bacteria do the work for you.


    I have been able to get away with watering in Stash Blend while the Blumats are going without issues. The catch is, I’m only giving each 10-gal container an 1/8 to 1/4 of a gallon of water w/ stash blend. I do check the Blumats the next day and adjust if needed.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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