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    Just sharing everyone. Running 1 Chill Out OG gen 1 (front right), 1 hella jelly by humboldt (back right), 1 strawberry candy by bloom seeds (back left), and 1 Carmel cream by humboldt (front left).

    Truth time, I have completely rebuit my system. New leds, new rdwc system, not much really the same. Over the winter I worked on the system and half way took care of some plants. I now have 3 monsters and 1 smaller plant (trying to help it catch up). During the winter my grow suffered because I was just not putting in the effort.

    We are back on track now. Week 1 of flower down. Going to be a good 1 for sure.

    Running masterblend 0-12-24

    Calcium nitrate

    Epsom salt

    Humic acid


    Plants look great man! Way to fill up the space. I’ll be following this one – especially to see the Chill Out OG!


    Looks awesome! Very nice set up and a beautiful canopy! Can’t wait to see the end results.


    Thank you!


    So, first things first. What you can see in the first picture is calcium deficiency. I have been pushing these girls harder than I have ever pushed anything and I’m not surprised the hella jelly is starting to show these signs. I am 2 weeks and 3 days into flower and these plants are really starting to take off. I’m running 1250 ppms on the 700 scale and 1200 ppfd mid canopy, trailing to 900 on the edges. These girls are drinking around 2.5 gallons of water per day, which blows my mind.


    Masterblend 0-12-24 at 5.32g per gallon

    Calcium Nitrate at 3.92g per gallon

    2.5 ml monosilicic acid per gallon

    1/8 tsp full humic acid per gallon

    Since my calcium is tied to my nitrogen I will have to start supplementing with calcium sulfate to rectify the deficiency in the Hella Jelly. No signs of tip burn so I’m going to start pushing them even harder once the calcium deficiency is addressed.

    The Chill Out Og looks to be in her sweet spot. Leaves look lush green and happy. I am beyond happy with the way this plant performed in my setup. The node spacing is perfect. I already know from the mother plant that the buds are going to be large and fruity with a sweet earthy undertone.

    The Strawberry Candy always wants more of whatever it can have. Absolutely explosive plant, but hard to manage. Leaves are healthy but wouldn’t hurt from more nitrogen.

    The runt is Carmel Cream. Hate the plant structure. Perhaps a bad pheno. It was a gifted cut sooooooo. Whoops.

    Lastly, we come to the Hella Jelly. It’s showing only minor signs of calcium deficiency, is slightly more pale, and has a phenomenal structure.

    I had to do an emergency fan leaf stripping to stress the girls a bit so I could limit stretch. It seems to have worked. They went immediatly from stretching to stacking buds.

    Thanks for dropping by.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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