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Seedling Stage & Cloning

The Marijuana Seed Germination Process (EASY METHOD)

Sure, you can certainly plant a cannabis seed into soil and if the seed is good and the conditions are right, the seed will successfully sprout. Although, many people will first do the germination process prior to placing into their growing medium to ensure the seed will in fact crack open and root.

Mr.C Growin4B, a grower on YouTube, decided to do the germination process for several cannabis seeds that he will plant for his next grow. The cannabis seeds he germinated are: Love Potion 99, Obi Wan OG, and Jawa Pie which all come from Ocean Grown Seeds.

After letting the seeds soak in water for approximately 24 hours, Mr.C Growin4B does the following process to germinate his marijuana seeds:

  • Places seeds in wet paper towel, then places in a container

  • Puts the the containers in a dark place – a cabinet in his case

  • Temperature should be around 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit – His temperature monitor shows 71-78 degree Fahrenheit range

  • Once the seeds have produced a tap root, he plants into soil – tap root down

In the video below he does the germination process. He also gives a quick update of some other plants that he has growing in his cannabis garden.

Check out his video here:

Products shown/mentioned in this video: Soil Plastic grow pots

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