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Seedling Stage & Cloning

Identifying What Clones To Take! – Cloning Cannabis Plants

Cutting branches from your cannabis plant in order to clone it is a common practice among experienced growers. You’ll save money since you won’t have to buy cannabis seeds for every grow. But what characteristics do you look for when choosing which plant to clone?

Liquid Jade, a grower on YouTube, currently has 8 plants growing in a 4’x8′ indoor grow tent and his plants are on week 2 in the flower stage. He runs his temperature at 75 degrees Fahrenheit and sets his humidity to 50%. He just flushed and changed out his DWC (deep water culture) reservoir. He is using a Spectrum King LED grow light and has his lights 18″ from the top of the plant canopy.

In the video below, Liquid Jade shows off his indoor garden. He also talks about what clones to take from your cannabis plants. Things you should look for:

  • Node spacing

  • Genetic defects

  • Strength of grow and stems

  • Upward growth

Check out his video here:

Products shown/mentioned in this video: Spectrum King LED light SCROG net Skunk Labs nutrients Dehumidifier 4×8 grow tent PPM meter pH down Oscillating fan Temperature and humidity monitor

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