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Cannabis Harvest of Smurf Berry Strain – Harvesting Marijuana

Harvesting is one of the most exciting times when growing marijuana. Your plant has grown to produce buds, trichomes have switched from clear to cloudy or amber, and it’s now time to chop the plant down and hang it to dry.

Maine420medgrower, a grower on YouTube, has one plant of Smurf Berry strain that is ready for harvest. It is on day 56 of flower and the “frost” of trichomes have really packed onto the buds plus some of the fan leaves. Bud development goes deep down on the plant and the leaves are fading indicating that the plant has used up much of the nutrients in the growing medium.

In the video below, Maine420medgrower shows off his cannabis plant that is ready for harvest.

Check out his video here:

Products shown/mentioned in this video: Bamboo stakes-> Plastic grow pots->

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