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Flowering Stage

11 Different Strains In This Indoor Grow Room

There are thousands upon thousands of different cannabis strains available today with new ones being released almost daily. Different strains grow different ways so one must wonder if many strains in the same grow room is a good idea or bad idea.

Maine420medgrower, a grower on YouTube, is currently growing 11 different strains in his indoor grow room. Most of his strains such as Berry Bomb and Smurf Berry are in the flower stage but he does also have a vegetation room where he grows strains such as Orange OG and Crack Berry.

In the video below he shows off his cannabis plants in his indoor garden. He uses variety of techniques such as the SCROG method, tomato cages, and the mounding method. His plants are looking great as you can see in his video below.

Check out his video here:

Products shown/mentioned in this video: LED grow light HID grow light Fabric grow pots Bamboo stakes SCROG net Tomato cages Temperature and humidity monitor

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